Switching to Tri-County Bank is easy!


Tri-County Bank provides a comprehensive range of products and services comparable to those offered by larger banks. However, what sets us apart is our local ownership and community-focused approach. When you choose to bank with TCB, you’ll experience the personal touch that can only be found in a locally operated community bank. Our commitment to your satisfaction means that we’ll go the extra mile to ensure a smooth transition when you switch to TCB, offering you peace of mind knowing that we genuinely care about your financial well-being.

What’s First? Before the Switch

View available account options and products we offer, including personal loans, commercial loans, mortgage loans, construction loans, safe deposit boxes, deposit accounts, health savings accounts, and more.

The next step in preparing to switch to Tri-County Bank is to download each intuitive, user-friendly form below, complete online and drop off at a your nearest location today!

Switch Kit Printable Document

*To ensure that your personal information remains safe and confidential, please do not email the completed forms to Tri-County Bank. 

Step #1: Open your new Tri-County Bank account(s).

Stop by any Tri-County Bank location of your choice and a dedicated banking representative will happily assist you in establishing your new account(s) with us. If it’s more convenient, please feel free to call us to get the process started. We’ll speak with you to find the best accounts and services for your needs.

Step #2: Get organized.

Use our hassle-free Transaction Checklist to organize your transactions (for example: utilities, loan payments, and subscriptions) that will be switched to your new Tri-County Bank account(s).

*Be sure that all of your checks, deposits, automatic payments, debit card transactions, and ATM withdrawals have cleared before closing your old account.

Step #3: Transfer your direct deposits.

To transfer your direct deposits, send the Direct Deposit Authorization Form to your employer and any other sources so your funds can be automatically deposited into your Tri-County Bank account. Please contact your employer’s payroll department if you have questions about their specific process.

For Social Security deposits, a Tri-County Bank representative can assist you with calling the Social Security Administration or signing up on their website.

Step #4: Transfer your automatic payments.

Use the Automatic Payment Authorization Form to request the transfer of your automatic payment(s) or to establish a new automatic payment from your new Tri-County Bank account. Please allow sufficient time for your first payments to be activated.

*Want to save time? Many companies also allow you to change your automatic transfer information within your account on their website.

Step #5: Close your old financial account(s).

It’s time to say “goodbye” to your old accounts! Use the Account Closing Letter to request your previous financial institution to close your account(s) and to give directions on how to disburse any of your remaining funds. Prior to closing those accounts, ask them if there are any fees associated with closing them. Make sure all of your checks and debits have cleared BEFORE you close your old account. If you have a remaining balance, you can even have it automatically deposited into your new Tri-County Bank account.

When you’re ready to make the switch, call or visit any of our locations and we’ll take care of you from there.